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HerbanLeaf - the name was not easy. The three of us, Myrianthi, Maria and I drew up separate lists of possible names, sat together and prepared a list of preferred names.

What we wanted was a name for our company that described what we planned to do. We googled the names to check if we could register a domain name. We had a name “Farmfresh”; we wasted no time in registering a domain, and an email address. Without wasting time we emailed the lawyers to register the company. The name was not available.

Back to the drawing board; we held a brainstorming session throwing out names. The words “urban farming”, “leafy greens”, and “herbs” kept coming up. Eventually, the penny dropped, eureka, if you will. The English pronounce “herbs” with a distinct “H”, whereas the American pronunciation sounds like “Uerbs”. A few minutes later at about 10.00pm we had the name “Herbanleaf Farms Ltd”. As I emailed the lawyers the new name, Myrianthi registered the domain, and email address. Shortly afterwards the Facebook page was created.

Two days later the lawyers confirmed that the name had been approved; Herbanleaf Farms was becoming a reality. A few nights later we started to design the company logo. Eventually we came up with the logo.

We wanted the logo to depict the LGM (Leafy Green Machine), the growing of leafy greens, in a controlled environment, using artificial light and a minimum amount of water. There are a few things in the logo that symbolize this. There are a number of elements, sun, leaves, water, and a flask in the logo. On a green sun, sits a flask with a little water, and growing out of it is a leafy plant.

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