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HerbanLeaf Farms is a family start up business focused on providing you with better quality and healthier leafy greens and herbs using the latest sustainable farming techniques.


Not only do we dream about growing the greenest and crispiest of lettuces, hearty greens and herbs but we are also passionate about bringing the ever nutritious microgreens onto the farm as well as a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables.


It all started with our love for growing vegetables and flowers. We gardened without chemicals and fertilizer’s, practiced companion planting, crop rotation and the mixing of types of vegetables. We started producing our own compost from garden trimmings, and researched ways of creating an all-natural pesticide. We had many successes and on occasions failures; the successes making it worthwhile.
The immensely high temperatures of a Cyprus summer meant that it was far too hot for most produce to flourish in mid-summer. Long, dry summers and the lack of sufficient water meant that for three or four months at the height of summer we cut back on planting vegetables. Although we recycled all our household water we were not able to produce sufficient recycled water to water on a daily basis.
One morning, 16th April, 2017 to be precise, the Eureka moment occurred. An article published on line by The Guardian, ‘Is Boston the next urban farming paradise?’ described urban hydroponic farming in Boston using recycled refrigerated containers. This was the answer to Cyprus’s weather conditions. We googled and Youtubed this new technique of farming. The more we read, the more we liked the idea….…..the seed had been planted.

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