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Introducing our range of greens

HerbanLeaf microGreens are sold cut &
packaged in compostable packaging.
A larger selection of living microGreens are available on request only. 

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HerbanLeaf Farms is about providing CLEANER premium quality locally grown leafy greens for your health and well being.


Our goal is to reduce Cyprus' dependency on importing leafy greens. Keeping it local means fresher produce, helping the economy and the environment.

Are you willing to join in our mission?


We grow vertically in our 40ft shipping container, that can produce the equivalent of 2 acres of land saving up to 95% of the water used in traditional farming.

Enjoy consistent quality & produce ALL YEAR ROUND as we control the environment.


Why choose our leafy greens and herbs?

At Herbanleaf we grow without the use of Soil, Pesticides & Herbicides. 

Beyond Organic.

Consistent quality & service.

All our greens are harvested & delivered within hours keeping the nutritional value intact. 


See how we grow

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From our 
Farm to Your Plate

Picked, Packed & Delivered within 24hrs

Buying your greens

Island-wide Delivery Available


Get to know your greens

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